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Is ROOMNET an Apple authorized partner?

Yes, ROOMNET is a fully accredited Apple Enterprise Partner - a business entity authorized by Apple to develop and maintain vertical market solutions, using Apple products and services.

What is Apple TV?

Apple TV is a digital media player that connects to a TV and offers access to streaming services, (Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, and Apple TV+ etc.), music, games and apps.  Consisting of a low-footprint set-top-box, Apple TV connects to a TV’s HDMI port and WiFi or ethernet, and via an apps-driven interface, transforms the TV into a smart entertainment hub.

Apple TV is designed to integrate seamlessly with other Apple devices*, offering a fully integrated experience for Apple users. Airpods, AppleWatch and iPhone devices all connect seamlessly to the Apple TV, augmenting the TV entertainment experience.

Powered by the A15 Bionic chip, Apple TV provides class-leading power and performance, offering users fast and intuitive access to their content on the TV display.

*Whilst Apple TV is designed to integrate within the Apple ecosystem of products, Android users can still enjoy fast, seamless interaction. For more details, see ‘Is Apple TV only compatible with Apple devices?’

Why Apple TV?

Guests want to enjoy the same intuitive and immersive TV experience they receive at home. The hospitality industry calls this a home-away-from-home experience, but in most cases fails to authentically deliver it (If you don’t believe us, just spend the night at a few non-ROOMNET hotels and report back!)

Today, most consumers prefer to watch on-demand content, accessible quickly and easily via native apps on the TV platform. ROOMNET deliver this home-away-from-home experience, quite simply by using a platform designed for use in the home environment!    

And of course, with Apple comes power, performance, reliability, ease of use and innovation. Guests no longer need to be subjected to cumbersome, clunky interfaces, limited content options and laggy performance.

What 's different about a ROOMNET Apple TV device?

A ROOMNET Apple TV looks the same, feels the same, and performs in exactly the same way as a consumer Apple TV - that’s because it is a consumer Apple TV! The only difference lies in additional software integrated within the unit, and a suite of ROOMNET built management tools - known as 'Glyde.'

The device is implemented via ROOMNET’s (Glyde) MDM (mobile device management) platform and adds supplementary hospitality specific features to the Apple TV. These include: 

  •  ROOMNET’s proprietary hotel app, providing a fully customisable interface; this allows hotels to create a digital compendium of services and amenities
  • ROOMNET’s proprietary management platform, Glyde. Glyde registers and manages all devices deployed within a property, enabling users to manage and monitor each Apple TV via an online dashboard. Glyde also incorporates TV channel analytics and features a CMS platform, enabling hotels to customise their interface.
  • Automatic cleardown of personal data and login credentials. ROOMNET TV integrates with a hotel’s property management system and automatically resets the Apple TV when a guest checks out. This restores the Apple TV interface to a predefined state, preventing any data or security breaches, and ensuring the next guest receives a uniform experience. For added peace of mind, the guest is able to manually cleardown the Apple TV via ROOMNET's 'Reset' feature (displayed prominently on the interface's top shelf).
  • ROOMNET can lock each Apple TV, preventing the changing of functions / settings etc.
  • ROOMNET has access to a number of hospitality specific enterprise apps, designed to augment the in-room experience.

Why can’t I buy a consumer Apple TV and use it in the hotel room?

The implementation of consumer Apple TV hardware in a hotel room is operationally problematic, and compromises the guest experience. Key issues include:

  •  A consumer device cannot be automatically cleared down upon guest check-out, exposing log-in credentials and private data to room's next occupant.
  • Guests can accidentally (or maliciously) alter the system settings – compromising the performance of the platform, and the consistency of the interface and / or user experience.
  • Consumer devices cannot be customized or branded as per a hotel’s requirements.
  • Consumer devices cannot be remotely monitored or health-checked, preventing troubleshooting and the proactive diagnosis / remedy of technical issues.
  • Consumer remote controls are designed with long-term use in mind, and as such are unnecessarily complicated for use in a hotel environment. ROOMNET provide a simple, customized remote control, designed to provide easy, intuitive operation of both the TV, and Apple TV.

Is Apple TV only compatible with Apple devices?

A common myth, and categorically untrue!  Aside from the use of QR codes, a guest’s mobile device plays no part in how the system is used (guests are not forced to ‘cast’ their content). An Android user will not be able to download their own apps onto the Apple TV (unless they have Apple ID), but can access all available native apps – these will typically consist of key streaming platforms such as Netflix, Prime, Disney+, YouTube etc.  So in short - A LOT of content to choose from!

Naturally, there are certain benefits and efficiencies enjoyed by Apple users (such as the ability to pair a user’s AirPods to the TV, for example),but to be clear,  Apple TV is still a potent performer for non-Apple users.

Is my TV compatible with Apple TV?

99.99% yes! Almost every TV with an HDMI port will work with Apple TV. We like to be abundantly cautious and check each of our new partners’ TV hardware portfolio, but have never had to say ‘no’ to a project due to incompatible TV hardware.

Do I need commercial / hospitality TVs?

Nope. However, to provide an optimum guest experience, we do recommend the implementation of commercial TVs where possible - these will offer hospitality specific features and efficiencies.

Do I need SMART TVs for the system to work?

No! smart TVs are not necessary. Apple TV runs off a TV’s HDMI port, and essentially turns a non-smart TV into a (high performance) smart TV. This represents a cost-efficient method of breathing new life into an aging hotel TV system, bypassing the requirement for new television hardware.  

Alternatively, if aging hotel TVs do need replacing (you don’t really want chunky-bezelled monsters in your beautifully designed guest rooms, right?!), a hotel can  reduce cost by purchasing non-smart TVs.  

It goes without saying that Apple TV will comfortably outperform any embedded smart TV platform (it’s not even a contest!).

I don’t have ethernet in my hotel, can I still have Apple TV?

Yes, no issue here! ROOMNET use (Gigabit home networking) technology to deliver gigabit-level communication over existing wiring (this would typically be traditional coax infrastructure, used to deliver a TV service to homes and hotels). provides ultra-fast, reliable network connectivity and supports heavy internet usage across multi-dwelling units such as hotels.  

In short, no ethernet, no problem!

Does ROOMNET’s Apple TV platform offer flexibility for the future?

The very clever people at Apple make updating an Apple TV as quick and easy as updating an iPhone. And (at least) every year, this already class-leading entertainment platform takes another giant leap forward and releases a raft of snazzy new features. For free!    

Sounds almost too good to be true, right?  Your Apple TV, like a fine wine, will improve with age!  

As is the case with all technology, an Apple TV is unlikely to last forever, however it will comprehensively outlast the hospitality industry standard recommendation of a TV system refresh every seven years. And perhaps most importantly, it will categorically outlast competing hospitality specific guest entertainment platforms.

Can I self-install Apple TVs?  

Yes! Our engineers have created a frictionless, QR-based installation process that allows your hotel’s IT technician (or even a tech-savvy employee) to self-install ROOMNET’s Apple TV platform - we call this process 'Zero.'

To make this as easy as 1,2,3, we preconfigure all tech ahead of delivery, and enroll each device onto our mobile device management platform – this allows us to remotely manage and monitor each Apple TV.  

As we do all the hard work for you, installation should only take a few minutes, and then it's hello to Apple TV!

We consider this self-implementation model to be a compelling ROOMNET USP, allowing hotels to work to their own installation schedule. This negates guest disruption (especially useful when installing tech into high-occupancy hotels) and best of all? No costly external installation charges to worry about...  

Not sure if you fancy implementing the technology yourself?  Not a problem, ROOMNET offer an installation service.

Is Apple TV a better option than casting technologies?

This is a subjective question, of course, but we're resolute in our answer - which is an indisputable and resounding ‘yes.’  

A large percentage of consumers watch on-demand content, rather than linear (live) TV at home, but very few of them use a mobile device to ‘cast’ or ’share’ this content to the TV. Most will simply select their favorite app and start watching – nice and quick, nice and easy. No need to join a special WiFi network, enter a long password, or worry if your favorite app supports casting - just click and enjoy!

Why should a hotel experience be any more complicated than that? It shouldn’t, but sadly, the reality is very different.

Are my details safe?  What if I forget to log-out of Netflix?  

Yes, ROOMNET’s system automatically wipes all guest credentials upon check-out. Over the course of a few minutes, the Apple TV resets itself to a predetermined interface – meaning each guest enjoys a sparkling new Apple TV experience!

Is Apple TV expensive?

The typical ROOMNET customer operates within the four/five-star luxury hotel market. As such, ROOMNET’s Apple TV platform is not the cheapest HTV solution available.  

However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that it’s by no means an expensive system (it’s certainly competitively priced) – especially when you consider the total cost of ownership, or factor in the various cost savings presented by our technology.  

But hey, there’s only one way to find out!  Give us a call to talk through some numbers.

Does the hotelier need to pay for content?  

No, the fundamental premise of Apple TV is to empower guests, allowing them to stream their own content on the guest room TV (hotels wishing to provide linear TV content are welcome to do so, ROOMNET provide native support for IPTV channel playback in most regions). 

Indeed, many hoteliers are choosing to cut the cord (a term used when a hotel cancels its subscription to cable TV subscriptions), this represents a considerable monthly saving – enough to cover the cost of ROOMNET’s Apple TV service a few times over.

Can I generate additional revenue from the system?  

Yes, several different revenue streams are available via ROOMNET’s platform. These include:

  • Activity and experience bookings via our partnership with Viator.
  • Local services advertising
  • Room service / amenity bookings

ROOMNET partner with several providers of enterprise app services, designed to offer hotels additional revenue stream opportunities.

Is Apple TV just an AirPlay service? 

Of course not! Whilst AirPlay is a useful feature, Apple TV is a versatile and powerful streaming device, offering a comprehensive selection of features.

I’ve seen some SMART TVs have Apple TV on them already. Is that right? 

No. You are referring to the Apple TV+ streaming platform! but don't worry. Apple TV and Apple TV+ are commonly confused.

Apple TV+ is a streaming app (similar to Netflix, Hulu, Prime etc) and is embedded on various TV platforms. As you might expect, all Apple TVs include an Apple TV+ service (guest subscription required).

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