It’s time to cut the cord.

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Your TV system and its content is the single most costly technology system to operate in a hotel

Worse yet, your guests may not bother to use it. Perhaps they flip it on for background noise or  tune in to news and sports. But let’s face it, this is not even close to what they have at home, and they would sooner pick up a laptop or iPad. Consumers are dumping cable subscriptions in droves in lieu of content from Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Apple+, and YouTube which offer all of the above and more.

…fast forward years from now and almost all content is delivered via apps. It already is. Content providers know this, hotel TV providers know this, and your guests certainly know this.

ROOMNET thinks about hotel TV differently

ROOMNET with Apple TV imagines this reality for hospitality now.  An immersive, branded, elegant yet familiar backdrop.  Guests pick up their movie or series where it left off or check in on their live game.  Download an app, ask about the weather in London, or simply tell the TV to play your favorite show.  Performance is instant, no lags, no clunky set-top or not so “Smart TV”.    It always stays current.

With ROOMNET your content checks in with you.

We provide deep engagement with your guests to create digital journeys, inform, present, interact, and even control the atmosphere. ROOMNET has always been about thinking differently… ironically in this case, we are simply thinking the same as your guests.

A re·imagined remote

(rocket science degree optional)

Simple, intuitive, and familiar. Designed with elegant simplicity in mind and nothing wasted. We've removed all unnecessary buttons allowing your guests to stay focused on the TV. Intuitive tactile control, your guests will pick it up and use it without needing to study a manual or call the front desk for  help.

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Hotel TV reimagined with Apple

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